Welcome to P.T. Cerna Corporation!

P.T. Cerna Corporation is a 100% Filipino owned process instrumentation firm dedicated to delivering quality and guaranteed services to its customers. We integrate our field experience and expertise with current global technology to create solutions to customers needs.

Our dedication to our industry results to exceptional and unparalleled services that we deliver on time to our customers.


We are certified and trained to deliver top-of-the-line products from manufacturers all over the globe. We choose the best technology specific to your application. From field instruments to controllers and automation in the plant, we have a range of products that complement one another in achieving the best model to achieve customer’s needs.


We have a broad range of experience and knowledge in the process industry. We visit your operations and your process to detail the exact requirements and problems you face. We listen to your needs and we create solutions from integrating technology and local knowledge best suited for your application and for your business.