Company Profile

Established by two accountants in September 1983 – a period of serious economic uncertainties in Asia, P.T. Cerna Corporation(PTCC) started the business of procurement and distribution of automotive spare parts for the land transport industry. Later, the supply of medical and agricultural equipments. In 1992, the industrial division was born and is currently the core business of PTCC.

Foresight is a major underlying concept of the company’s business philosophy and growth strategy. In 1992, the company embarked to organize the industrial business segment which is now its core business.  Initially started with the distribution of field instruments in various processes in the power, cement and food and beverage industries; now, almost 20 years after, PTCC delivers turn-key projects related to fully automated processes for industries from the control room to the field lines.

Proximity to clients is a major building block in the company’s marketing activity. PTCC best serves its customers through understanding and analyzing the problems or requirements quickly and readily. Through these efforts, they can then provide immediate and timely solutions specific and customized to the client. This concept has made the company to allocate a good portion of its resources in establishing Strategic Business Units (SBU) in the different areas of the country. Presently, the company has eight (8) SBUs spread out in the country and six (6) Satellite offices supporting the SBUs. The SBUs are complemented by five (5) Product Groups who assist in the marketing efforts.

Solutions provider is what the company is at present and its direction in the future. Complimented by various manufacturers who entrusted the distribution of their products, coupled with P.T. Cerna Corporation’s engineering and integration teams, the company is capable to design, integrate, install and commission major projects related to end-users line processes and auxiliary support systems.

Continuing education is the hallmark of PTCC’s enhancement of its most valued asset — personnel.  Sales and technical staff are required to sharpen their skills through programs offered by our manufacturer-partners and participates in practice development programs. At present, PTCC have grown from the two accountants to 105 dedicated and regular personnel – countrywide. With the company’s Reward System and Continuous Education Program, these build the foundations of the company’s philosophy on its human resource—“ to be an enjoyable place to work”

P.T Cerna Corporation is not just another company…. It is a Way of Life.